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2014 2015 2016 8903 0 brittany san roman 05_07_16_morning_commencement 06_07_16_campus 06_10_16_special_olympics 1 lemonte booker 1 smith khristian 10 megan stone 11 devonte brown 11 matt adam 11_9_13 12 bree spangler 12 kaden moore 12 niels bunschoten 13 joyea marshall 13 kynedi nalls 14 danielle mccormick 15 cassandra willis 22 andy dejesus 24 maddie schaak 26 jeff degano 3 rylee holland 3 tyler friis 31 dimitri taylor 4 brenton scott 5 katie wells 6 sydney lovelace 8 kayla schrubb aa academic advising advising aerial afb afternoon alma mater alternative fall break alternative winter break alumni clock alumni speaker tim leman arena arizona arkansas little rock artwork athlete athletics atrium awb backlit band baseball basketball basketball band battleship belmont bench bicycle big heads bike bird watcher shirts black and white blue and white game bob warn field book and torch bradley brandon neuttrouer bruce mclaren building camp for courageous kids campus campus 2012 campus art campus scene campus scenes cce cck cecilia van wijk ceiling ceiling mounted camera center for community engagement charles martinez check in checkin cheer team cheering cheerleader cheerleaders cheri bradley chorus of trumpets christa whitehurst class of 2016 clouds cold college of technology commencement commercial shoot community engagement community service computer condit house contest counciling cross country cross country intercollegiates meet bird gibson cross cultural crowd day one day two dede plaza detail dillion killion dome donaghy day drone education elise lima equinox eric barber erickson hall evansville experiental learning experiential learning exterior faculty faculty and student interaction fairbanks hall fall fall campus scenes fall welcom fall welcome family fans field first home game flag flag corps flare flowers foliage football forest fountain fountain run gaurd gibson invitational glass gloves golf gradselect2016 graduation group shots habitat for humanity halftime hands hmsu homecoming honors hoop camera horizontal hulman center hulman memorial student union humane society of north texas hurdles ia ic ice breakers indiana intercollegiate indiana state football indiana state men's basketball indiana state women's volleyball indoors isu isu arena isu football isu sphere isu vs ball state isu vs butler isu vs evansville isu vs iupui isu vs saint louis isu vs siu isu vs trine isu vs wsu isu vs. southern illinois isu women's basketball iu iu vs isu joey wells john mascari jonathan wachala june 2nd 3rd june 7 8 june 8 9 katherine warren landini center for performing adn fine arts laptop leaders leaves lightning lights linda maule lip sync marching marching band marching sycamores mariah wright mbb memorial stadium men's basketball mens basketball mike sanford military morning music myers technology navajo new student orientation night normal hall north texas nso oakley place oakley plaza olivia bornhoff orientation outdoor outdoors pacesetter invitational parents pinon posing power plant president dan bradley public safety quad rain rainbow rainfall rainstorm rankin hall rashad crawford rec center rec east red reflection rotc rotunda sam barnes science building scrimmage sculpture season select select2016 selected2016 selfie semo senior day service shane bouman shelby zagorski shot put shower showers sign silhouette siu sky beacon iii snow so soccer softball southeast missouri state southern illinois university sparkettes special olympics sports spring spring 2016 spring week spring week 2016 springweek2016selected st. louis stained glass state storm student student activitiy student activity student section students studying summer sun flare sunburst sunspot sustainability sycamore remix 2016 sycamore remix 2016. aa sycamore stadium sycamores tamden race 2016 tandem race tandem race 2016 tassel flip taylor austin team terre haute country club tevin studdard texas the band the forest tim leyman tirey hall tirey hall plaza torch lighting traci dahl track and field travel trees umbrella university hall university seal valpo vertical via solaris volleyball walkover water weather weclome center welcom week welcom weekend welcome center welcome week wichita state wide angle wind turbine windmill winter women's athletics women's basketball women's golf women's sports women's volleyball womens athletics wsu wwselect15 xc
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